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Energy Saving Tips

GOING GREEN - Ways to change our planet

--Making the Planet a Better Place--

Our air is polluted, our temperatures are rising and resources are dwindling. Everyone is talking about the dire state of the planet, global warming and greening our lives - but where should we start?

Easy-to-implement tips to help you make your world a greener place, one day at a time. These tips will help you to decrease your carbon footprint and make your environment more sustainable. Some of the tips can even save you money, they can make you happier or they can make you healthier. If these tips don't help you to achieve at least two of these three things, you probably aren't going to keep it up.

Humans are simple creatures. We roll back into old habits if the changes we make don't benefit us in real and tangible ways. Stick to the stuff that resonates most with you and you can help change the world.

Going Green in the Home and Garden

  • separate your rubbish
  • use organic toiletries
  • install solar panels for water heating
  • use CFL light bulbs but dispose of them properly
  • switch off the water when shaving or brushing teeth
  • drip-dry your clothes
  • think before pouring it down the drain
  • put a brick in your cistern to save water
  • leave your geyser alone; concentrate on energy saving elsewhere
  • shower rather than bath
  • clean and defrost your freezer regularly
  • use white vinegar, bicarb and water as a general cleaner
  • use bicarb as a stain remover
  • use hydrogen peroxide as a basic bleach
  • fix dripping taps
  • permeable paving
  • buy an earthworm farm
  • collect grey water for use in the garden
  • switch off un-unsed appliances and lights

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